Flüela Challenge

Flüela Challenge on Sunday, September 16, is a time trial effort up Flüelapass for age groupers and professional athletes. The breathtaking and well maintained alpine road climbs the pass over 12 kilometers and covers an altitude difference of 810 meters. 


The distance can be covered per road bike, rollerski, inline-skates or by running. The finishline is on top of Flüelapass. 

Athletes of each discipline will be ranked separately as well as in a general ranking. Additionally, a team ranking is planned. 


How many runners will be faster than an average biker or inline skater? 

How much time will you lose compared to pro athletes of each sport? Find out for yourself!


  • First starts at 1pm, last starts at 2:30pm. Slower athletes will start first (so that they have the most time to cover the distance), elite athletes at the end, according to sports disciplines. The exact start procedure and individual starting times will be published closer to race day. 
  • Athletes need to be at least 16 years old on race day (no age limit for Ride the Alps leasurly ride without timing)
  • All athletes can drop a bag until 30min before the first start (12:30pm) The bag will be available on top of Flüelapass. 
  • The transport back to the valley is organizied for athletes, although road bikers are expected to cycle back - but who wouldn't want to!
  • Road cyclists ot the Flüela Challenge are at the same time participants of the Ride the Alps by Switzerland Tourism (Info here). 
  • For "Ride the Alps" leisure cyclists (no timing) there is a starting window of 12:00 - 12:30pm. In the very low sections of the Flüelastrasse (Oberhöfji, Färich) please take good notice of the young athletes of the Challenge Kids Race.


The starting line is located at the bus stop "Stilli" (Oberhöfji) on the road leading to Flüelapass. The finishline is on top of Flüelapass (Hospiz) on 2383 meters above sea level. 

Participants of the "Ride the Alps" cycle on the same course as the Flüela Challenge, but will start earlier.  


Who is keen to add some more challenges, can cycle to Susch and back. The road from Hospiz to Susch is not officially closed (but less frequented due to the closure on top), so take care.  

Age Groups

For each discipline there will be at least a women and men group. With growing start fields, age groups will be defined. 

Special registration requirements

While registering, athletes will be asked to make a realistic estimation of their expected performance, choosing one of the following categories:

  • "Genusssportler": Leisure orientated, slower pace, lower performance
  • "Breitensportler": Regular attendance of training sessions or races in the selected sport for Flüela Challenge
  • "Leistungssportler": Ambitious age groupers
  • "Elite" athletes

This indication will be used for choosing the appropriate starting times. Slower athletes will be given more time to complete the challenge. Thank you!