Challenge Middle Distance

The Triathlon Middle Distance on Sunday, September 16, 2018 is the centerpiece of the Challenge Davos Festival. 


The gun will go off from 11:00 am in different starting waves.  


1.9 k

The swimming takes place in Lake Davos. Start and finish of the swim are located at the public swimming area (lido) right next to the transition area. Full details will be provided in the athlete's guide (mid-June).  


50 k

After completing the swim, athletes will mount their bikes and tackle the demanding - yet

equally as spectacular - 50km cycle. Each competitor will cover 1,770 altimeters in total,

which will include conquering the high mountain pass, Flüelapass, from each side. So don’t be fooled by the shorter distance of the biking leg - you will have enough time to prove your abilities.


The Alpine road ist completely closed for traffic and therefore offers an excellent race experience and best safety for athletes. Due to the challenging profile, drafting won't be a big issue. 


21.1 k

The final third of the race will take athletes on a 21.1km run around the picturesque lake and towards the finish area (4 rounds). The run course is mostly flat, fast and offers enough space for all athletes. 

Above race course illustations are subject to change.  

Transition Area

Age Groups

Women Men              
FPRO (18 years on race day) MPRO (18 years on race day)              
F18-24 (18 years on race day) M18-24 (18 years on race day)              
F25-29 M25-29              
F30-34 M30-34               
F35-39 M35-39              
F40-44 M40-44              
F45-49 M45-49              
F50-54 M50-54              
F55-59 M55-59              
F60-64 M60-64              
F65-70 M65-70              
more if needed more if needed              

Challenge Team

Each relay team consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. 

The transition takes place in a separate park that is correspondingly marked. Relay team members have different starting numbers than the rest of the field. The competition briefing, the starting procedure, the services in the finishing area and the prize ceremony correspond to the other regulations. Women, men and mixed relay teams are allowed.  Realy team members must be at least 18 years of age on race day.

Cutoff Times

The cutoff for the swim is 1 hour 5 minutes. 


The combined cutoff after the swim and the bike ist 5 hours and 15 minutes (including T1). Adding to this there is another cutoff during the bike: Whoever has not pass the top of Flüelapass (Hospiz) after 2 hours and 45 minutes is not allowed to continued (individually calculated after each staring wave).  


The finishline cutoff is 8 hours after each starting wave.