Current situation!

At the moment it looks like that we will have very tough conditions here in Davos. The lake and the air temperature is too cold for a triathlon. Therefore we decided to cancel the swim for booth event: TRI Circuit Olympic and the Challenge middle. Instead of a triathlon we will do a duathlon.


If the conditions are not good enough on the downhill sections at the Flüelapass only the uphill part will count and the downhill will be neutralised. Pro athletes will have 30 min time for the downhill part to Susch and 25 min time for the downhill part to Davos. 25 mins after the first Pro Athlete arrives in T2 the run will start as pursuit.


If there will be ice or snow on the road we also have to cancel the bike part so we will do only the run part.


Final annoucement is tomorrow Saturday at 7:30 am for the TRI Circuit evnts and on sunday at 6:30 am for the Challenge middle.